Automatic Cream Spreading Machines

Automatic Cream Spreading Machines

Automatic high-capacity spreading machines for application of cream fillings with either the film or the contact method, as required. Up to 50 sheets/min can be processed.

Operational method for the flat wafer sheets

In accordance with the wafer book composition selected, the wafer sheets are transported over a conveyor system to the spreader head and to the cover sheet station.The wafer sheets to be creamed are fed continuously under the spreader head and are creamed by either the film or contact method.

In the film method, the film knife takes the cream film from the spreading roller and transfers this onto the wafer sheet. 

In the contact method, the wafer sheet takes the cream from the spreader roller in direct contact. 

In the downstream stacking station, the creamed wafer sheets are placed one above the other, in exact alignment, in accordance with the respective book composition. The wafer book is then completed with the placing of the non-creamed cover sheet.

Operational method for the hollow wafer sheets: 

The hollow wafer sheets to be spread are fed continuously beneath the spreader head and coated by the “film“ method. To do this, the film knife takes the cream film from the spreading roller and applies it to the wafer sheet.

The roller gap, roller speed, roller height and roller temperature are individually adjustable according to the type of cream.

Then the cream is spread into the con-cavities in the hollow wafer sheet by the spreader head.

  • Rigid frame of stainless steel tubular sections.
  • Suitable for the application of larger cream amounts or for sticky creams.