Automatic Wafer Baking Ovens

Automatic Wafer Baking Ovens

Wafer Oven. The fully automatic AWBO series ovens are available with from 36 up to 112 baking tongs and are designed for a capacity of up to 50 wafer sheets per minute. They are used for the industrial production of flat and hollow wafers and are specially designed to meet rough operating conditions.

What is wafer production line?

The wafer production line is the line that starts from the pre-preparation and ends in the cutting or packaging machine.


  • Wafer Oven. The batter depositing station of the wafer baking oven allows the batter to be deposited onto the lower baking plate of the opened baking tongs.
  • The baking tongs form an endless rotating chain of the baking tongs.
  • Depending on the baking time and baking temperature selected, the wafer sheets are baked, automatically removed and afterwards passed on for further processing.