Batter Mixing Plants

Batter Mixing Plants

This is the plant for the production of homogeneously mixed wafer batter and fully automatic feeding of one or several automatic wafer baking ovens.


The individual batter ingredients are given into the mixing tank(s) manually. The raw materials are then mixed in batches in an especially gentle and efficient process within 5 - 7 minutes.

Thereafter, the homogeneous wafer batter is pumped into the batter storage tank from where it is continuously fed by another pump to the automatic wafer baking oven.

  • Mixing tank, lid easy to open, for manual addition of ingredients
  • Special turbo mixing turbine for extremely gentle and efficient mixing resulting in a lump-free batter within short time.
  • Flow-meter and spray nozzle dosing of water directly from the water mains by way of electronically operated ball valves.
  • Batter storage tank with easy-to-remove filter insert.
  • Batter storage tank with stirrer to keep the ready batter in homogeneous condition and in order to prevent sedimentation of the wafer batter.