The CEM-D model can enrobe two layers at once creating an extra thick chocolate layer or allowing for faster enrobing. It is provided with two curtain boxes, two air-blower systems and two bottoming systems. Perfect for large-scale productions up to 8 m/min operating speeds.

The CEM-S model enrobers are suitable for full, half or bottom-coating of pralines, bars, pastries etc. with chocolate or chocolate compound, and for medium operating speeds of up to approx. 5 m/min. Detachable lower section containing the chocolate service tank, enables rapid changeover and is suitable for all enrobing works.

  • Machine widths of 1000 to 1500 mm
  • Uniform coating of products
  • Hygienic design with stainless steel surfaces for maximum cleanliness and ease of cleaning
  • Advanced closed water system
  • Slow-running, temperature-neutral chocolate pumps
  • Blower operating within a tolerance of only ±1% over the entire width of the machine
  • Specially developed stored program control system for maximum ease of operation