About Us

We would like to introduce our company NEFAMAK as a solution partner for confectionery industry, specialized in manufacturing flat & hollow wafer production lines in Turkey, since 1989.

Our company serves all worldwide markets through providing complete solutions including the design, supply, installation and after sales services.

We can provide alternative solutions to our customers especially in design and manufacturing range to meet their requirements such as tailor made feeding/packaging solutions for many kind of confectionery products like, wafers, biscuits, chocolate bars and cakes, which is still rare in this industry.

With industry-specific experienced managers, highly qualified engineers employed at R&D, manufacturing and after sales departments, our goal is to be one of the leaders in worldwide markets by implementing high standards of machinery and offering “fit to purpose” solutions to our customers.

Moreover, a further important requirement for the long-term success of our company are our employees and their commitment to satisfy our customers.

We are completely at disposal of our customers all the time whenever and wherever they need our services.