Designed for easy integration on automatic lines, HSW is completely servo-driven and it has been rationalized in order to improve the cost/ performance ratio. Speed up to 700 packs per minute for cold seal operations.

  • Fully servo driven. Electronic multi axis control for maximum precision at high speeds.
  • Strong painted steel frame, cantilevered construction to ease cleaning operation.
  • All parts in contact with the products are in stainless steel AISI 304
  • 4 pairs of AISI grade steel fin wheels (including the bevel pair to fold the film) optimized to run also products of small dimensions
  • Hinged fin wheels assemblies with pneumatic lock
  • Interchangeable crimpers stops in open position
  • Straight or Zigzag cutting knives in Cobalt based HSS steel
  • Digitally controlled cut-off length.
  • Double reel holder with pneumatic chuck provide enhanced film control for tighter packages.
  • Mechanical/Automatic film centering system (web guide) to allow correct unwinding of the reel in axis with the longitudinal sealing unit for high quality packaging process
  • Automatic film splicing system
  • Electronically controlled print registration with +/- correction
  • High Pressure Air Reject for: splicing, empty, short product, not cut packs, not registered packs
  • Codeprinter bracket and synchronization
  • Outfeed product overhead belt/brush
  • HMI Color OMRON 10” Touch Screen Operator’s friendly interface on swiveling arm.
  • Suitable to run with all types of automatic distribution systems
  • İntegrated inline feeding system with vacuum unit - to pace products in the correct position at the insertion of the wrapper’s chain lug – a must – for high capacity productions.