Nefamak - Wafer Ovens, Packaging Lines, Cream Spreading Machine

Wafer Ovens, Wafer Production Lines, Packaging Lines, Cream Spreading Machine.Cream filled flat wafers are made up to 6 wafer sheets and produced on semi- or fully automatic production lines.

The wafer batter is produced in batches and then deposited automatically onto controlly pre-heated baking plates of gas heated ovens available with from 36 up to 112 baking pairs, and baked to wafer sheets within 2-3 minutes baking time depending on wafer thickness required. After baking process, the wafer sheets are automatically discharged and transferred to a cooler to ...

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Our company is especially specialized in design and manufacturing range and our continuous desire to improve products in accordance with market needs is the basis for today’s global activities which is still very rare in our industry.