Cream-filled wafer books are cooled so that the cream filling sets sufficiently for cutting and packing. Cooling the books ensures a clean cut.

The capacity of the wafer cooling towers depends on the plant performance and the product-specific cooling time. The cooling time is set between 5 and 15 minutes depending on the product. The wafer books are placed in the brackets of an endless carrier chain and are cooled during their transport through the tower.

The insulating enclosure is made of high-grade steel elements filled with rock wool for heat insulation. Swing doors allow easy access for inspection and cleaning. The viewing windows in the doors are used to see the production.

  • Little space requirements
  • Hygienic design of stainless steel
  • Side doors allow good access for cleaning and maintenance
  • Integrated evaporating unit in book cooler.
  • Including circulating air blower with air filter.
  • Compact cooling unit with separately installed air-cooled condenser.