Wafer Cutting Machines

Wafer Cutting Machines

Fully automatic cutting machines to cut cream filled flat and hollow wafers. Capacity up to 20 wafer books per minute.

The totally new machine concept guarantees fully automatic production even at a high plant capacity.

The wafers are cut by fixed cutting steel blades fitted onto exchangeable frames. The cutters can be adapted quickly and easily to other product sizes by changing the cutting frames.

According to the further processing desired, the wafer books are cut as single book or as book stacks.

  • Available with single, double or twin cutter versions.
  • Manufactured and weared by stainless steel components. All parts in contact with the product are made of either stainless steel or food grade elements.
  • Wheeled trolleys made of plastic to collect the wastes under the cutting stations.
  • Transparent hinged polycarbonate cover to protect the products from contamination and for safety purpose.